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Why I make this art?

As an anthropologist I learned what made harmony in masculine and female energetic. Masculine energy holds the infrastructure together and sparks creativity. Feminine energy holds the relationships together and nurtures and protects life. I saw our planet being raped by out of control masculine greed. So many being hurt and cast aside for the few. I saw the need for the feminine to be honoured and respected in governing all aspects of life. To celebrate the feminine power that nurtures all beings. I explore the centre of this energy—-starting symbolically in the womb. The entrance to the womb is the portal usually hidden, often feared and denigrated. It’s where masculine energy enters this sacred space. I want to celebrate this power, and hold it central to all life. Shine a light on its potency and beauty. Welcome to my work!

Who is this art for?

This art is for women who recognise they are special. Shining with the beauty, power and grace of femininity. And it is for men who have seen that our fulfilment is in enabling this grace to unfold and care for us all.

What can this art do for you?

My art is timeless. It is beautiful. It is deeply embedded in meaning. It offers itself as a talisman, a touchstone to grace and to celebration of the feminine. Marble holds special crystalline qualities and will forever be something to cherish and caress being full of meaning. It will uplift you for a lifetime and beyond.