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The Marble dreaming studio was born in the heartland at the foot of Michelangelo’s Quarry in Carrara, Italy. This timeless centre of creativity was physically cloned and built in the Australian sun in Byron Bay through the brilliance of master sculptor Usama Alnassar.He infused his spirit, his techniques, his tools and the world’s best Statuario marble and so began a new seed in the cycle of timeless and wonderful art finding vigorous life in the Australian landscape. Many sculptors now create and draw inspiration from this grave at tradition, even as they breath new life into the forms that marble haas always excelled in holding.

The gallery is private and open by invitation to those who love great art. Whether you are a lover of the art form, or a collector who would like to enjoy these beautiful pieces every day, you are welcome to visit, enjoy the space, the stories, the music, dome good food and wine and perhaps if you are lucky you may find that special piece that will become part of your life forever.

 Join our special and exclusive club if you would like to enjoy the occasional special invitation to be part of Marble Dreaming. Enjoy great art for an evening or a lifetime. Let it lift your soul and inspire you